The CVC Exchange: Documentation and Support Materials

The CVC Exchange: Documentation and Support Materials

This page includes important information for California Community Colleges implementing the CVC Exchange, including college documentation and support materials. Information is organized by functional user groups and is continuously updated.

College personnel can also find upcoming training opportunities on our CVC Events Calendar or view previous training sessions on the CVC YouTube page.

General Resources

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CVC Exchange Toolkit

Serves as a resource for CVC Exchange messaging, including its purpose, overview, and helpful collateral for use when communicating with both internal college constituents and students.

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College Implementation Status Dashboard

Lists CVC Exchange implementation phases by college.

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CVC Exchange Student Journey

Provides a detailed look at the various steps students take when using the CVC Exchange.

Training and Support Materials

IT Resources for the CVC ExchangeFinancial Aid Resources for the CVC ExchangeStudent Resources for the CVC Exchange