CVC-OEI Consortium

Since the inception of the California Virtual Campus (CVC), many California Community Colleges have been working together to address online achievement gaps and increase student access to fully-resourced online courses that propel them toward completion. Together these colleges form the CVC Consortium.

In May 2014, a Call for Participation was issued seeking colleges wishing to participate in the pilot phase of the CVC to begin in the spring of 2015. Over half of the California Community Colleges responded. A group of 23 pilot colleges were selected that represented, along with other criteria, a diversity of college demographics, geographic location, and technology.

In 2018, the CVC expanded the number of colleges from 23 to 57. While the first cohort focused on tutoring and readiness, the new colleges have a special focus on student equity. Beginning in 2020, colleges were accepted on a rolling basis and as of November 2023, there are 113 Consortium colleges. 

Consortium Resources
Consortium Key Messages
Master Consortium Agreement (updated February 2023)
Appendix B, Exhibit 1: Operating Level Agreement
Appendix C: Consortium Reciprocity Agreement
Federal Financial Aid Agreement