CVC Exchange: Dual Enrollment Students

CVC Exchange: Dual Enrollment Students

You were directed here because you accessed the California Virtual Campus (CVC) Exchange and indicated that you are a current high school student who is either:

Currently enrolled in at least one course at a California Community College


Interested in enrolling in at least one course at a California Community College

High school students who are currently taking a community college course or want to are both required to abide by the state of California dual enrollment policies. Dual enrollment allows eligible students the opportunity to complete college classes and earn college credits while still in high school, but there are specific rules and regulations that govern your ability to take college courses regardless of whether or not you are currently enrolled or seeking to enroll.

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The CVC Exchange is an innovative tool that allows students to search for online courses offered at 115 California Community Colleges via the Online Course Finder. Students must first search for courses by CSU GE, IGETC, substitute course, or keyword using the Online Course Finder. Search results contain both courses eligible for instant enrollment and those that require a separate application.

Searching for Courses Using the CVC Exchange

CVC’s Online Course Finder is a centralized catalog that allows students to search thousands of online courses available throughout the California Community College system. Prospective students have the ability to search for CSU General Education Breadth courses, UC Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) courses, community college substitution courses, or by keyword.

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Registering for Classes Found in the CVC Exchange

Although the CVC Exchange also provides the technical capability for students to register into courses, this feature is NOT available for current or prospective dual enrollment students (due to the unique policies and procedures surrounding dual enrollment). Dual enrollment students interested in registering for courses identified through the Exchange must follow the following process to ensure compliance with state regulations and to ensure access to all of the benefits associated with dual enrollment (e.g. free tuition and books):

Interested in taking a community college course?

The below steps must be followed to ensure that you are complying with state regulations and to ensure that you get access to all the benefits associated with dual enrollment (e.g., free tuition and books)

Before you enroll in a college course, you must:

  1. Make an appointment with your high school counselor, who will also need to give permission. Additionally, your counselor will know the local rules and regulations, and the community colleges your high school typically works with.
  2. Work with your high school counselor to get approvals for each of the colleges where you plan to take courses.
  3. Submit a CCCApply application to be admitted to the college of your choice. Since each college may have a different registration process, visit the dual enrollment website at your chosen college to learn about registration dates and the steps for actual registration into a particular class section.


Using the CVC Exchange without the following steps may result in:

  • Paying additional fees
  • Being denied access to classes or dropped from them
  • Taking classes that are not authorized to fulfill your high school graduation requirements

You can find more information about your local community college’s dual enrollment process using the dropdown menu below.