CCC: California Community College
CCMS: Common Course Management System
CVC: California Virtual Campus
OEI: Online Education Initiative
OEI-SC: OEI Steering Committee
POCR: Peer Online Course Reviewer
Rubric: OEI Course Design Rubric

Glossary of Terms

Online Education Initiative: The overarching California Community College initiative, funded by the CCC Chancellor’s Office, that provides support to college online teaching and learning programs and coordinates resources and services available to the entire CCC system. Resources include the CCMS and other components such as student resources, faculty resources, other technology resources, and research and policy documentation.

Common Course Management System: Instructure’s Canvas has been selected as the course management system available under a common contract to any college in the CCC system choosing to adopt Canvas campuswide. All colleges wishing to participate in the OEI Course Exchange must adopt Canvas.

OEI Consortium: The Consortium provides guidance and recommendations on operational and technical matters of the OEI, with a focus on preparation of the OEI Course Exchange.  The initial Consortium is composed of representatives of the 56 pilot colleges. See the Consortium page for more information.

OEI Courses:  Courses that are participating in the OEI pilot of 56 colleges. Note: All courses will continue to be provided by colleges and their faculty.  This terminology does NOT imply any ownership by OEI.

OEI Steering Committee: The Steering Committee provides guidance and recommendations on OEI policies and procedures to the OEI management team. Members of this committee are appointed by constituent organizations that represent faculty, staff, administrators and students at the statewide level and also includes ex-officio participants from the Chancellor’s Office, CCC Technology Center and the OEI Management Team. represent the diversity of colleges constituencies and functions within the California Community Colleges. See the Steering Committee page for more information.

Home College:  An accredited California Community College from which a student can access the OEI Exchange to take classes from other California Community Colleges participating in the OEI Exchange. The expectation is that students will complete residency requirements for degree and transfer programs at the home college.

Teaching College:  An accredited California Community College that offers courses within the OEI Exchange to students from their own college and to students from other California Community Colleges via the OEI Exchange registration mechanisms.

Quest: A complete online learner readiness package that includes a diagnostic assessment, multimedia tutorials, quizzes and supplemental resources.