Financial Aid Consortium

California Community College Online Education Initiative (OEI) Consortium

Federal Financial Aid Consortium Agreement

All member colleges of the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative(OEI) Consortium enter into this Federal Financial Aid Consortium agreement this 1st day of ______________   20__.


CCC Online Education Initiative (OEI): The California Community College (CCC) initiative,  funded by the CCC Chancellor’s Office that provides support to college online teaching and learning programs and coordinates resources and services available to the entire CCC system.

OEI Consortium Member College: A California Community College that have agreed through an MOU to participate in the OEI Course Exchange.

OEI Home College: Any OEI Consortium Member College where the student has first completed the matriculation process, is currently enrolled, and is seeking a degree or certificate program from said college.

Host or Teaching College: Any OEI Consortium Member College where the student is taking part of his or her program requirements. i.e. courses through the OEI Exchange Consortium as outlined in the OEI Course Exchange Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Data Elements

This Federal financial aid consortium agreement pertains to elements related to student Financial Aid operations at all OEI Consortium Member Colleges and as defined by Section 34 CFR 668.5. The list of participating member colleges can be found at the following website:

Student Aid General Provisions is considered in effect beginning ______   20__, until otherwise cancelled.

Institutional Enrollment Definition

The student is enrolled at   ________________________________College, OEI Consortium Member College. The college where the student first completes the application for admission as well as completed the following matriculation steps: English and Math placement assessments, New Student Orientation and developed an education plan; will be designated as the Home College. At the time of receipt of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), if the OEI Consortium Member College is part of a multiple campus district, the participating Financial Aid Office may reassign a student designation of Home College based on both the OEI Exchange and Department of Education’s definition of a Home College. The college that will grant the degree or certificate will be the same as the Home College.

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance will be determined by the Home College based on campus policies and in adherence to federal and state guidelines. Fees are subject to review on an annual basis.

Enrollment Fee                                   $ 46.00 per semester unit or $31 per quarter unit

Health Fee                                          $ 0- 19.00 per student flat fee ($0-16_ in summer session)

Non-Resident Fee*

Non-Resident Capital Outlay Fee

$ 135- 235 per unit

$ 0-31      per unit

Individual Campus -based Fee

Fees to be found at college’s website

*Non-Resident are expected to pay Non-resident fee as well as enrollment fees.

Student Enrollment Status

The enrollment status of the OEI Exchange student(s) may be the sum total of all units in which the student (s) enrolls at all colleges. To participate in the Exchange the student must be enrolled in at least one class at their home college. Unit eligibility will be determined by the Home College.

 Award Calculation

The calculation of the award for an OEI Consortium Member College Exchange student is based on the cost of attendance (as determined by the Home College) minus the expected family contribution (EFC). Award packages may vary based on availability of funds and program participation.

Aid Eligibility and Disbursements

Eligibility for aid and disbursement of aid will be based on the assignment of the Home College at the time of the award. The assignment of the Home College may be changed on a case-by- case basis at the end of the term.

Record Keeping

The office of record is determined by the student’s Home College. Student financial aid records are to be retained in the Financial Aid Office of record, including the procedures for calculating awards, monitoring satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and student eligibility for aid, and returning funds in the event the student withdraws. The OEI Exchange will provide to the Home College access to regular reports, to include, but not limited to course enrollment, drops, withdrawals data and final grades; in order to facilitate the monitoring of student’s satisfactory academic progress.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Financial Aid Offices establish standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in accordance with federal regulations (34 Code of Federal Regulations Section 668.34), which may vary from college to college. To be eligible for Financial Aid, students within the OEI must meet or exceed these standards in accordance with the Home College SAP policy.  Failure to maintain these standards may result in loss of financial aid eligibility. The standards apply to all financial aid recipients and to all college coursework taken including coursework taken from outside colleges if that coursework has been submitted and appears on the transcript. Financial Aid funds will be disbursed to students who are in compliance with the Home College’s Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines.

Adherence to Title IV Regulations

_______________________ College will ensure compliance with this Agreement, and all Title IV financial aid regulations as it pertains to this agreement. The Home College reserves the right to exclude Exchange Course units from the determination of Financial Aid should there be a conflict with Title IV Federal requirements.

_____________________________________                                Date______________ District Administrator or Designee

_____________________________________                                Date______________ College President or Designee

_____________________________________                                Date______________ College Financial Aid Administrator