CVC Exchange – College Implementation Tracker

College Implementation Tracker

The College Implementation Tracker indicates colleges’ completion of the benchmarks for the Emergency Conditions Allowance Memo (FS 22-07), distributed by the Chancellor’s Office on June 14, 2022. Please note that the CVC defines “committing to” to mean that the process has been started by the college/district and is in progress. Per the memo, the college/district meets the conditions pertaining to the CVC if it:

  1. is a member of the CVC-OEI Consortium and has signed the Master Consortium Agreement.  
  2. by the beginning of the first term that starts on or after January 01, 2023, has implemented the steps to become a Home College and has implemented or committed to 1) enabling Course Finder API, 2) completing the steps needed to become Teaching College ready, and 3) joining a scheduled implementation cohort to become a Teaching College.

Join the CVC-OEI Consortium: Colleges should sign the Master Consortium Agreement and email that document to

Become a Home College on the CVC Exchange: Home College means that a college has completed the technical steps to allow its students to take cross-enrollable courses at Teaching Colleges on the CVC Exchange. This checklist serves as a good place to start.

Federal Financial Aid Consortium Agreement: Once signed, your college’s students can request federal financial aid and combine units across colleges (this assumes your college has completed the steps to become a Home College and your students are selecting a course at a participating Teaching College). Please click here to learn more about the agreement and click here for instructions on how to create an account and sign the agreement.

Enable the Course Finder API: The Course Finder API will ensure that colleges have their live seat counts reflected on the CVC Exchange. Click here for a self-service implementation guide to enabling the Course Finder API. As part of this process, Colleague and Banner colleges will also need to enable Ethos; colleges not using Colleague or Banner will be provided with either a hosted or college-managed integration option. 

Become “Teaching College Ready”: The additional steps needed for districts to become Teaching College ready (meaning being ready for Teaching College technical integration) are: (a) enabling sending of e-transcripts through eTranscript California and (b) enabling Super Glue with the CCC Technology Center. 

Join a Cohort to Become a Teaching College: The process of committing to an implementation cohort begins with a presentation by the CVC Executive Director to the President or Chancellor’s full cabinet to overview the process with the leadership team. Please email to schedule a time. 

If you want to meet with our team, or if you have questions, reach out to us at

District NameCollege NameConsortium MemberHome College Financial Aid AgreementCourse Finder APISuperGlue Enabled & eTranscript Sending (Teaching College Ready)Teaching College Cohort ScheduledTeaching CollegeAll CVC Requirements Met
Allan Hancock Joint CCDAllan Hancock CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn ProgressComplete---
Antelope Valley CCDAntelope Valley CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteSep 2022In Progress-
Barstow CCDBarstow Community CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly SuperGlue---
Butte-Glenn CCDButte CollegeYes---Only eTranscript Sending---
Cabrillo CCDCabrillo CollegeYesCompleteSignedComplete----
Cerritos CCDCerritos CollegeYesCompleteSigned-CompleteJune 2023_-
Chabot-Las Positas CCDChabot CollegeYesComplete-In ProgressOnly eTranscript Sending---
Chabot-Las Positas CCDLas Positas CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn ProgressOnly eTranscript Sending---
Chaffey CCDChaffey CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteYes
Citrus CCDCitrus CollegeYesCompleteSigned-Complete---
Coast CCDCoastline Community CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly eTranscript SendingCompleteComplete-
Coast CCDGolden West CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly eTranscript SendingCompleteComplete-
Coast CCDOrange Coast CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly eTranscript SendingCompleteComplete-
Compton CCDCompton CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly SuperGlueCompleteComplete-
Contra Costa CCDContra Costa CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteYes
Contra Costa CCDDiablo Valley CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteYes
Contra Costa CCDLos Medanos CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteYes
Copper Mountain CCDCopper Mountain CollegeYesCompleteSigned-Only SuperGlue---
Desert CCDCollege of the DesertYesCompleteSignedComplete-Jan 2023--
El Camino CCDEl Camino CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly SuperGlue---
Feather River CCDFeather River CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn Progress-June 2023--
Foothill-De Anza CCDDe Anza CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteYes
Foothill-De Anza CCDFoothill CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteYes
Gavilan CCDGavilan CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn ProgressOnly eTranscript Sending---
Glendale CCDGlendale Community CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteSep 2022In Progress-
Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCDCuyamaca CollegeYes-Signed-----
Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCDGrossmont CollegeYes-------
Hartnell Joint CCDHartnell CollegeYesIn ProgressSigned-Only eTranscript Sending---
Imperial Valley CCDImperial Valley CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly SuperGlue---
Kern CCDBakersfield CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteJuly 2022CompleteYes
Kern CCDCerro Coso Community CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteJuly 2022CompleteYes
Kern CCDPorterville CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteJuly 2022CompleteYes
Lake Tahoe CCDLake Tahoe Community CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteYes
Lassen CCDLassen CollegeYesCompleteSigned-CompleteJune 2023--
Long Beach CCDLong Beach City CollegeYesCompleteSignedComplete----
Los Angeles CCDEast Los Angeles College--SignedCompleteComplete---
Los Angeles CCDLos Angeles City College---CompleteComplete---
Los Angeles CCDLos Angeles Harbor College--SignedCompleteComplete---
Los Angeles CCDLos Angeles Mission College---CompleteComplete---
Los Angeles CCDLos Angeles Pierce CollegeYes-SignedCompleteComplete---
Los Angeles CCDLos Angeles Southwest College---CompleteComplete---
Los Angeles CCDLos Angeles Trade-Tech CollegeYes--CompleteComplete---
Los Angeles CCDLos Angeles Valley College---CompleteComplete---
Los Angeles CCDWest Los Angeles CollegeYes--CompleteComplete--
Los Rios CCDAmerican River CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteYes
Los Rios CCDCosumnes River CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteYes
Los Rios CCDFolsom Lake CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteYes
Los Rios CCDSacramento City CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteYes
Marin CCDCollege of Marin-In ProgressSignedCompleteOnly SuperGlue---
Mendocino-Lake CCDMendocino CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteApril 2023--
Merced CCDMerced CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly SuperGlueNov 2022--
MiraCosta CCDMiraCosta CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteComplete---
Monterey Peninsula CCDMonterey Peninsula CollegeYesIn ProgressSigned-Complete---
Mt. San Antonio CCDMt. San Antonio CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteCompleteCompleteYes
Mt. San Jacinto CCDMt. San Jacinto CollegeYes-Signed-Only SuperGlue---
Napa Valley CCDNapa Valley College--------
North Orange County CCDCypress CollegeYesCompleteSigned-CompleteApr 2023--
North Orange County CCDFullerton CollegeYesCompleteSigned-CompleteApr 2023--
Ohlone CCDOhlone CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly SuperGlueSep 2022In Progress-
Palo Verde CCDPalo Verde College-In ProgressSigned-Only SuperGlue---
Palomar CCDPalomar CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly eTranscript Sending---
Pasadena Area CCDPasadena City CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn ProgressCompleteApr 2023--
Peralta CCDBerkeley City CollegeYesCompleteSignedComplete-June 2023--
Peralta CCDCollege of AlamedaYesCompleteSignedComplete-June 2023--
Peralta CCDLaney CollegeYesCompleteSignedComplete-June 2023--
Peralta CCDMerritt CollegeYesCompleteSignedComplete-June 2023--
Rancho Santiago CCDSanta Ana CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteJuly 2022Complete-
Rancho Santiago CCDSantiago Canyon CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteJuly 2022Complete-
Redwoods CCDCollege of the RedwoodsYes-Signed-Only SuperGlue---
Rio Hondo CCDRio Hondo CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly SuperGlueJune 2023--
Riverside CCDMoreno Valley CollegeYes-Signed-Only SuperGlue--
Riverside CCDNorco CollegeYes-Signed-Only SuperGlue---
Riverside CCDRiverside City CollegeYes-Signed-Only SuperGlue---
San Bernardino CCDCrafton Hills CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn ProgressComplete---
San Bernardino CCDSan Bernardino Valley CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn ProgressOnly SuperGlue---
San Diego CCDSan Diego City CollegeYes---Only SuperGlueNovember 2023-
San Diego CCDSan Diego Mesa CollegeYes---Only SuperGlueNovember 2023--
San Diego CCDSan Diego Miramar CollegeYes-Signed-Only SuperGlueNovember 2023--
San Francisco CCDCity College of San FranciscoYesComplete-In ProgressOnly SuperGlue---
San Joaquin Delta CCDSan Joaquin Delta CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn ProgressOnly SuperGlueSep 2023--
San Jose-Evergreen CCDEvergreen Valley CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn ProgressComplete---
San Jose-Evergreen CCDSan Jose City CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn ProgressComplete---
San Luis Obispo County CCDCuesta CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteJuly 2022Complete-
San Mateo County CCDCanada CollegeYesIn ProgressSigned-Only SuperGlue---
San Mateo County CCDCollege of San MateoYesIn ProgressSigned-Only SuperGlue---
San Mateo County CCDSkyline CollegeYesIn ProgressSigned-Only SuperGlue---
Santa Barbara CCDSanta Barbara City CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn ProgressComplete---
Santa Clarita CCDCollege of the CanyonsYesCompleteSignedIn ProgressOnly eTranscript SendingApr 2023--
Santa Monica CCDSanta Monica College-CompleteSigned-Only SuperGlue---
Sequioas CCDCollege of the SequioasYesIn ProgressSigned-CompleteNov 2023--
Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint CCDShasta CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly SuperGlueJul 2022Complete-
Sierra Joint CCDSierra College-CompleteSigned-Only SuperGlue---
Siskiyou Joint CCDCollege of the SiskiyousYesCompleteSignedComplete-Apr 2023--
Solano CCDSolano Community CollegeYesIn ProgressSignedIn Progress----
Sonoma County CCDSanta Rosa Junior College----Complete---
South Orange County CCDIrvine Valley CollegeYesCompleteSignedComplete-Jan 2023--
South Orange County CCDSaddleback CollegeYesCompleteSignedComplete-Jan 2023--
Southwestern CCDSouthwestern CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteJan 2023--
State Center CCDClovis Community CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteNov 2022--
State Center CCDFresno City CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteNov 2022--
State Center CCDMadera Community CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteNov 2022--
State Center CCDReedley CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteNov 2022--
Ventura County CCDMoorpark CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteSep 2022In Progress-
Ventura County CCDOxnard CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteSep 2022In Progress
Ventura County CCDVentura CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteSep 2022In Progress-
Victor Valley CCDVictor Valley CollegeYes---Only SuperGlue---
West Hills CCDWest Hills College - CoalingaYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteSep 2023--
West Hills CCDWest Hills College - LemooreYesCompleteSignedCompleteCompleteSep 2023--
West Kern CCDTaft CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn ProgressOnly SuperGlue---
West Valley-Mission CCDMission College-CompleteSigned-Only SuperGlue---
West Valley-Mission CCDWest Valley College-CompleteSigned-Only SuperGlue---
Yosemite CCDColumbia CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly SuperGlue---
Yosemite CCDModesto Junior CollegeYesCompleteSignedCompleteOnly SuperGlue---
Yuba CCDWoodland Community CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn Progress----
Yuba CCDYuba CollegeYesCompleteSignedIn Progress----

Last Updated: November 10, 2022