Technology Resources

Its (Canvas) seamless and modern layout and simple navigation sold me on it from the get-go. Canvas actually provided me the option to set where and when I would like to receive notifications/emails about assignments, which is something I never had the freedom to do on any other CMS. – California Community College Student
The Online Education Initiative offers colleges the technology resources to support students in completing their educational goals.

Leading the way is Instructure’s Canvas, the common course management system (CCMS) selected with overwhelming support following a nearly one-year evaluation and review process.

Colleges began the adoption process that was led by faculty and college representatives statewide in June 2015 when Canvas became available to our colleges, with many colleges adopting it as their sole course management system.

Canvas CCMS

Resources are available to assist colleges as they consider adopting Canvas as their CMS. These items will facilitate discussions and a common understanding among faculty, staff, and students regarding the important steps to take when considering the adoption of a new CMS. Read More

In addition, technology is embedded in other resources offered through the OEI such as the tutoring platform and the online readiness modules.