Canvas CCMS

Click here to see colleges that have completed an IPA to adopt Canvas

All California Community Colleges now have the opportunity to adopt Instructure’s Canvas as their campus-wide Course Management System (CCMS). Canvas represents the common platform for the integration of many OEI resources including the OEI Course Design Rubric, QUEST online learner readiness, and a variety of professional development options.

The selection of  Instructure’s Canvas as the CCMS was nearly unanimous among the OEI CCMS Committee charged with selecting a CCMS, including overwhelming support from student participants. “Both the students and faculty members involved believed that students would be most successful using the Canvas system,” said OEI Statewide Program Director Steve Klein. “The student success element was a consistent focus throughout.” The choice was based on the OEI philosophy of doing what is best for the students of California.

Many of the 113 California Community Colleges have committed to adopting Canvas as their course management system with most expected to adopt over the coming years. “We have laid the groundwork for an amazing implementation that will profoundly enhance not only online classes but every course taught in the California Community Colleges,” exclaimed Joe Perret, CCMS Committee Chair and Pierce College faculty member.

The first button below will take you to a site within Canvas that has been prepared to assist colleges in the deliberations about selecting Canvas as their CMS. The additional buttons provide resources for faculty moving to Canvas.

Three levels of opportunity to participate in the OEICalifornia Community Colleges may choose to participate in OEI activities by taking advantage of:  

  • Shared resources such as the OEI Course Design Rubric, Online Learner Readiness Tutorials and @ONE workshops OR
  • Shared resources and adopt Canvas as their course management system OR 
  • Shared resources, adopt Canvas, and coming soon, participate in the OEI Consortium along with the Course Exchange.