Events Calendar

The CVC offers a variety of events throughout the year which can be found on our calendar below. If you missed an event, many past events are available on-demand on our YouTube channel. Both self-paced and facilitated courses may be found in our course catalog.

Additional systemwide technology events are hosted by the California Community College’s Technology Center and may be accessed on their events calendar.

Encouraging Academic Honesty in STEM through Authentic Assessment

The variety of homework help, online tutoring, and pay-for-work services available to students has disillusioned many instructors towards online education. While there is no perfect deterrent to academic dishonesty, assessment variety and authenticity can help. This webinar will discuss some common concerns that STEM instructors have when

Bearing Witness as an Act of Love, Dr. Mays Imad

In this session we will briefly consider the neuroscience of toxic stress and its impact on our ability to engage, connect, and learn. How will we welcome our students and colleagues to our institutions and classrooms this fall? What can we, educators, possibly do to help attend

Identifying Your High Opportunity Students with a Getting to Know You Survey

Humanized online teaching requires you to understand your students as more than just names on a screen. Developing awareness of their needs will enable you to teach with empathy. By the end of this workshop, you will import and adapt an existing survey into your Canvas course,

Making Documents Accessible

Making your online content accessible creates a more equitable learning environment for students. While presenting your content on Canvas pages is always optimum, at times there may be a valid reason to include an external document (Word, PowerPoint, PDF) for student use. When that’s the case, just