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Translating In-Person Strategies to be Effective in Online Tutoring Sessions

Focus on the “hybrid” experience where campus tutors use Pisces to provide online tutoring for subjects during the days/times they can cover, then NetTutor supplements that availability. Register in advance for this meeting:  Tuesday, February 23, 12:00 PM Pacific / 3:00 PM Eastern *Please note Link-Systems registration

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Learn About NetTutor Online Tutoring Services, Tutor Qualifications, and How We Support Campus Partners’ Efforts

Learn about NetTutor–how students can access the service, tutor qualifications, subjects supported, and how NetTutor can have an impact on your students’ academic success. The presentation is approximately 25 minutes with additional time allotted to answer any questions. Register in advance for this meeting:  Wednesday, February 24,

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