Student Resources

The CVC-OEI recognizes that increasing student success involves many aspects of student support beyond that provided by the classroom instructor. Many students are unaware when they register for an online course that the environment requires a skill set that is different from what is needed for the traditional classroom experience. You must not only be self-directed learners, but also manage your time well and navigate a technology-rich environment that goes beyond social media and smartphones.

Are you ready to take an online course?

Whether this is your first time enrolling in an online course or you are a seasoned professional, our online student readiness tools will help you discover the resources and skills you need to be successful.

Online Student Readiness Tutorials

Online Support Tools

Student Focus Group

Student experience is extremely important to the CVC-OEI. We want to ensure students have an opportunity to be part of the process. Our student focus groups will allow students to participate in guided discussions about CVC-OEI related products and online services before they are launched.