November 2023 CVC Exchange Release Notes

The CVC is excited to announce a few new enhancements this quarter:

  • In order to reduce the number of registration errors, we are introducing improvements to the available seat count to consider active waitlists.
    • Colleague Teaching Colleges: There are two section API’s that will need to be extended. With the fields, we will update the seat count logic to close the section if the waitlist is enabled.
    • Banner/Banner-Ethos Teaching Colleges: Our team will provide a new script to consider the waitlist or ask that you update your seat count extension to factor in waitlists
  • All Ethos Teaching Colleges: To ease the querying for the e-transcript sending process, we will now be writing the student’s Home College FICE code as an AlternateCredential or Alternate ID type.
  • CVC TouchNet uPay Clients: If your college/district utilizes the CVC TouchNet uPay instance, we will be providing you with DKIM keys so that TouchNet can email payment receipts to students with your district’s email domain.

Our team will be reaching out to colleges in the next few weeks to discuss these updates in greater detail. Please contact us at if you have any questions.