February 2024 CVC Exchange Release Notes

Section Census Dates: For Home College financial aid administrators, the CVC now includes the Teaching College’s section census dates in the downloadable Enrollment Details Report via the Exchange Admin Dashboard. While this information will continue to be provided on the student’s Financial Aid request email notification, dashboard users can also access the information on the enrollment report to review class census dates for financial aid purposes. If you do not have a Admin Dashboard account, please contact support@cvc.edu.

COMING SOON! Disability Services and Programs for Students (DSPS) Enhancement: The CVC is working to provide additional guidance to cross-enrolled students for DSPS accommodations at the Teaching College. Someone from the CVC will reach out to student services teams and/or business owners with a form to collect links to each Teaching College’s DSPS policies and processes.

If you missed our previous release notes, read them here. Questions? Email support@cvc.edu.