Online Ecosystem

CVC-OEI is committed to improving access to high-quality online courses and support services. Your dedication to our students is central to achieving this goal. To facilitate your success, we provide the CVC Ecosystem, a suite of online support resources that are free to colleges.

The CVC-OEI Ecosystem Portal is your one-stop resource to learn more about our support services and identify how to get started with your college implementation.

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Subsidized Technologies and Services: 2019-20

The following are the subsidized tools and resources available to California Community Colleges for the 2019-20 academic year. The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office recently announced the expansion of services through the 2020 calendar year. For complete information, please click here.





Online Student Readiness

Quest / SmarterMeasure Program

Unlimited Use

57 Active Colleges

Online Tutoring


Unlimited Use

96 Active Colleges

Online Tutoring Platform


Unlimited Use

96 Active Colleges

Online Counseling Platform

Cranium Cafe Unlimited Use

57 Active Colleges

Online Proctoring Platform


Unlimited Use

55 Active Colleges

Online Name Pronunciation & Gender Identification


Unlimited Use for CVC-OEI Consortium Colleges

49 Active Colleges

Contact information for these services can be found on our ecosystem vendor information page. You may also contact Andrea Hanstein, CVC-OEI’s Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships, at [email protected].