December 2023 CVC Exchange Release Notes

Banner Colleges: If your district is integrated with the CVC Exchange via Ethos, please note that an upgrade to Banner Student API 9.31 impacts the extensions to the sections-maximum endpoint due to a versioning issue. This can be addressed with a POST to the extension /IntegrationApi/api/extension-versions using the new version:

x-media-type application/vnd.hedtech.integration.sections-maximum.v16.1.0+json

For assistance with testing the endpoint or if you have any questions about the upgrade, please contact us

Canvas MFA: Instructure has released the ability for institutions to require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for authentication into Canvas. If you encounter any students reporting issues with accessing classes they have enrolled in via the Exchange due to MFA restrictions, please contact The solution to this issue is for the student to authenticate through their Home College and enable MFA on their account in their Home College instance of Canvas. Once the student has completed MFA setup on their Canvas account at their Home College, this will resolve any login issues impacting their access to their cross-enrolled classes at Teaching Colleges.

Authentication Issues (Subscript to updates at: The Exchange has experienced interruptions to student authentication services due to security restrictions that have been enacted on the sign-in service. This has led to users being periodically unable to authenticate to the Exchange. We are aware of the issue and are working with the Tech Center to address and resolve these issues for student authentication onto the Exchange. We have added a banner to the sign-in page alerting users that they may experience difficulties. We will remove this banner once all issues are resolved and a permanent resolution is in place. To get alerts and updates for this and any other issues impacting the Exchange, please subscribe to updates at: