Saddleback – English (AA-T)

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Required Core – Complete ALL of the following courses:

ENG 1B – Principles of Composition II (3 Units)

or ENG 1B – Honors Principles of Composition II (3 Units)

ENG 70 – Reasoning and College Reading (3 Units)

ENG 25 – Introduction to Literature (3 Units)

List A – Select 2 courses from the following:

ENG 15A – Survey of American Literature – 1620-1860 (3 Units)

ENG 15B – Survey of American Literature – 1860-Contemporary (3 Units)

ENG 17A – Survey of English Literature – Beowulf to Romantic Movement (3 Units)

ENG 17B – Survey of English Lit – Romantic Movement to the Present (3 Units)

ENG 21A – World Literature – Ancient to 17th Century (3 Units)

ENG 21B – World Literature – 17th Century to Modern Period (3 Units)

List B – Select any course in List A not already used or:

ENG 3 – Introduction to Creative Writing (3 Units)

List C – Select 1 course from the following:

ENG 1A – Principles of Composition I (4 Units)

or ENG 1A – Honors Principles of Composition I (4 Units)

SPAN 1 – Elementary Spanish (5 Units)

or SPAN 1H – Honors Elementary Spanish (5 Units)

SPAN 2 – Elementary Spanish (5 Units)

or SPAN 2H – Honors Elementary Spanish (5 Units)

SPAN 3 – Intermediate Spanish (5 Units)

JRN 2 – News Writing (3 Units)

BUS 104 – Business Communication (3 Units)

COMM 30 – Introduction to Oral Interpretation (3 Units)

TA 20 – Theatre Appreciation (3 Units)

ANTH 3 – Culture and Language (3 Units)

This program offered an online pathway to completion when last reviewed in 2021.

Associate in Arts for Transfer – English 

In addition to the courses listed above, complete one of the following general education patterns:

  • Option 2 – CSU General Education Breadth
  • Option 3 – IGETC – Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum

Important Note: Some of the courses listed above may require the completion of prerequisites and/or they may also satisfy general education requirements. We encourage all students to meet with a counselor, onsite or online, to create an education plan that will provide the most efficient pathway to degree completion.

The courses listed above, along with Option 2 and Option 3 may or may not be offered online every term at this college. Visit the college’s website (below) for online options in its class schedule.  If you don’t find what you need, search our online course finder to locate an equivalent online course currently available from a partner college.

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