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Practicing Radical Love: Breaking Down Instructor-Student Hierarchies

Presenter: Fabiola Torres, Glendale College Do you think humanizing an online course takes a lot of work? Well, it does. But it takes radical love to break down instructor-student hierarchies. Fabiola will share examples of brief, imperfect, captioned videos that help students sense there is a caring

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Humanizing Pre-Course Contact with a Liquid Syllabus

The weeks and days leading up to the start of a new term are filled with anxiety and nerves for many students. This term, your students will have even more questions about what to expect and how to get started. An equity-minded strategy to improve these barriers

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The Anatomy of Learning: Leveraging Relationships to Inspire Engagement & Rigor

To navigate through these unknown and traumatic times, educators must be knowledgeable about how learning happens (and why it often does not). Recognizing the affective and cognitive dimensions of learning illuminates the need to understand our students as humans with rich, complicated stories and foster positive instructor-student

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