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STAR-CA Consortium Community Dialogue

Join us for an informative roundtable of Learning Assistance and Tutoring professionals. STAR-CA is a new CA Community Colleges Consortium offering excellent peer tutoring utilizing the Pisces platform generously funded by CVC-OEI. STAR-CA member colleges greatly benefit from access to a wide array of common subjects by

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STAR-CA Online Tutoring Consortium 

Agenda: STAR-CA pilot progress to date Demonstration of student navigating to STAR-CA Training + jam session updates (for *all* CCC tutors whether or not they’re put onto the STAR-CA schedule) CVC-OEI centrally-funded support services through 6/30 ACTLA update Open discussion and Q&A  

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OEI Updates: The OEI Is Out & About

Required Course Review Myth Clarification: Before I start the main part of my post for this month, I want to clarify a misconception that has come to my attention. Any California community college can choose to adopt Canvas as their new course management system. Courses do not have

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