Online Counseling Course and Trainings

Online College Counseling Course

The OEI Online Counseling Network has created a course for experienced counselors where they will learn strategies and techniques for fostering successful online counseling sessions. Participants will learn to use the various e-learning and communication tools within Cranium Café powered by ConexED, the online meeting and collaboration platform selected by the Online Education Initiative (OEI). The OEI Online College Counseling course was designed specifically for the California Community Colleges, it is a 6 week online course offered at Zero cost.

2018 Spring Online College Counseling Course Dates

General Counselors (6 weeks)
Session 3: May 14th – June 24th
Product Orientation: May 7th – May 11th

Graduate Credit

Fresno Pacific University completed the evaluation of the OEI Online College Counseling course and announced that it has been approved for Continuing Education Credit. California Community College counselors who are enrolled in the 6 week Online College Counseling course have the option to earn graduate level credit. Counselors can earn 3 units at a total cost of $225 (price subject to change if FPU increases tuition).

Online Mental Health Course 

The OEI Online Education Initiative in collaboration with the California Community College Online College Counseling Network has created courses specifically focused on mental health. These courses address necessary areas of consideration when working with students experiencing mental distress in the online counseling environment including assessment of student mental health needs as well as the provision of appropriate and effective referrals. Participants will take a close look at the growing trend of distance mental health otherwise known as e-therapy services and its importance for community college students. Included discussion and activities guide dialogue and live sessions facilitated by licensed clinicians in the field. These courses are not intended as permission to practice as a mental health counselor or for certification or licensure.

Non-Mental Health Clinician Course
(2 weeks)
July 9th – July 22nd
Syllabus (pdf)

Mental Health Clinician Course (3 weeks)
June 4th – June 24th
ConexEd Product Orientation: May 29th – May 31st
Syllabus (pdf)

Disclaimer: It is important to note the purpose of these modules is to provide general information. It is not intended as formal training, permission to practice as a mental health counselor or for certification or licensure in the mental health field but rather to address the basic areas of consideration associated with the referral to mental health counseling when providing services in an online environment. Any included discussion or activities do not indicate specific solutions. Many practice requirements are specific to unique situations and individual providers, resulting in local standards and procedures. Counselors are advised to review and follow existing practice guidelines from their institutions and professional organizations.

ConexED Administrator and Front Desk Training

Administrator online trainings focus on the advanced functions of Cranium Café powered by ConexED online platform tools; data management for MIS reporting, customization, surveys, etc. Front desk support staff trainings focus on the integrated ConexED Online Scheduling System tools; managing calendars, scheduling, intake forms, etc.  Trainings are facilitated by Heather Lund, Director of Academic Outreach. Heather can be contacted at [email protected]

ConexED Product Orientation

Product orientations are designed to introduce the Cranium Café powered by ConexED online platform tools. These online product orientations are free and available to any California Community College who has implemented the online platform. Orientations are 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Note: this orientation is also a prerequisite to the Online College Counseling Course.

For more information regarding the OEI Online College Counseling course and Online Trainings contact Jessica Hurtado at