CVC Course Finder Self-Service

The CVC Course Finder is an online search tool that offers students the ability to search for online courses from across all of the California community colleges.
This search tool helps CCC students increase and accelerate degree completions by providing access to high quality, online, transfer-level courses from across the CCC system.

The Course Finder allows students to search for online courses by requirements, such as IGETC and CSU Breadth requirements, or by keyword search to help them find the course that best fulfills their academic needs. Search results can be filtered by teaching college, course start dates, and live seat availability. This real-time course information is populated through secure integration with each participating college’s Student Information System (SIS) using the SIS’s validated APIs.

How to get started today

Each college district must complete an SIS integration to enable their real-time course information to be transmitted securely to the Course Finder using their SIS system’s API platform. Districts may begin the integration process through a self-service setup.

To get started using our self-service guide, please tell us a little bit about your district by completing the brief initiation form below. Once submitted, your team will receive access to a designated self-service project space that contains all of the information and technical resources you need to begin the integration setup. Additionally, one of our helpful CVC-OEI implementation service team members will be assigned to provide support for your project and answer any questions you may have. So what are you waiting for? Get started today by completing the brief online Initiation Form and help CCC students find your district’s online classes!