Advanced Transportation

Advanced Transport

This webpage offers online resources for disciplines and career paths related to Transportation technology; Advanced transportation; Logisitcs management; Logistics technology; Automotive technology; Automotive servicing; Diesel servicing; Diesel engine repair; Aviation maintenance; Aviation technology: Avionics; Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Test Preparation; Alternative Fuel Engine Technology; Master mechanic/technician; Electric vehicle technology; Fuel cell engine technology; Hybrid engine technology; FAA regulations and requirements; OSHA certification; Auto Tech; OEM requirements; High performance engines; Engine rebuilding; Engine blueprinting; CAD for Automotive technology; Supply line/chain management; Supply chain technology; Warehouse management; Warehouse & work floor safety; Forklift certification; Forklift and hoist hydraulic repair; Automotive electronics and instrumentation.

ATL-Advanced Transportation and Logistics

Resources for college and high school faculty

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Introduction to Automobile Service (IAS) E-Learning Program

The online program focuses on entry-level tasks related to basic automobile service.

Aviation Safety – The Basics

OER textbook from University of North Dakota

CDX Learning Systems

including interactive content, quizzes, and videos


online courses and simulations for automotive, electronics – free trial

iCEV Transportation

Online curriculum for Architecture, Construction, Transportation & Manufacturing

LJ Create Automotive Program

NAETF certified training program

OER Commons Aviation

Open Educational Resources for Aviation

OER Commons-Transportation

Open Educational Resources for Transportation

Online OSHA certification

from CareerSafe Online


Tools to educate students and employees to create safe, productive schools and workplaces

Today’s Class Automotive and Fleet Training

Automotive, heavy duty vehicle training

TRANSFR VR Automotive Fundamentals Overview

College of Marin has set up a VR lab on campus


Hands-on simulation training with virtual reality

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Online Resources from Texas Education Agency


Resources from San Diego County Office of Education


Applications engage students in learning experiences related to curriculum