Expanding Online and ZTC Pathways for CTE Programs at College of the Canyons

College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita CA

College of the Canyons is currently building three online programs and improving one existing program to address regional workforce needs. Additionally, we are drawing upon industry expertise to create Open Educational Resources (OER), resulting in Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) pathways for fields in which none currently exist.

The disciplines currently under development are: Architectural Computer-Aided Drafting, Preschool Teacher, Land Surveying, and Water Systems Technology. The first three programs are not currently offered online, nor do they fully employ OER. By the end of the grant, these programs will not only be fully online pathways, but ZTC as well. The fourth program, Water Systems Technology, is offered online and is built entirely around OER, providing students a full ZTC pathway. For this program, we are improving the quality of existing online courses, updating the OER textbooks, and creating master online course shells.

We are following the model of our successful Water program, which developed a ZTC pathway through original authorship that included strong engagement of industry professionals from across the state. All developed materials will be openly licensed and available to all colleges to adopt and adapt, thereby supporting the training of qualified employees across the state.

Additionally, we have leveraged the expertise of instructional designers to improve the quality and consistency of the student experience by developing master course shells aligned with the OEI Rubric.

The Improving Online CTE Pathways grant has enabled College of the Canyons to meet the needs of students in eliminating the barrier of textbook costs, engaging industry partners to develop relevant instructional materials, and offering high quality, flexible online courses for four in-demand programs. The sharing of these openly licensed courses and materials improve access to fully online, ZTC programs for students across the California Community College System and beyond.  

Joy Shoemate
Interim Director, Online Education

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