We’re here for you…teachers and learners new to online learning

As colleges, faculty and students are transitioning to online learning – and also while those who intended to take online classes continue your studies – the CVC-OEI is here to support your success. Fortunately, California already has a robust online learning and support infrastructure. Still, the COVID-19 situation has created so many sudden transitions and everyone is working to adjust to this temporary new reality as much as possible. During this time, we are making adjustments to the cvc.edu site and to our statewide online education platforms to improve your experience. Our team is also adding a slew of resources for faculty, students, and institutions to better support you. Expect to see continuing improvements to our websites and expanded support.

Last week, we added centralized daytime Canvas help desk support for students and faculty from 82 colleges that were providing this service locally during normal circumstances. The Chancellor’s Office also approved emergency funding to extend NetTutor online tutoring and the Ally accessibility products for use at all 115 colleges, and ensuring every college can deliver student services online through our Cranium Café partnership through at least June 30. The Chancellor’s Office has also secured the Labster platform to support online labs in various subjects. Colleges seeking information about how to deploy these platforms should reach out to us at support@cvc.edu to begin the process. Meanwhile — keep teaching, keep learning, and keep leading. We will have more updates posted soon.