Getting Started with Canvas


Once a California Community College (CCC) has committed to adopting Canvas and has completed the paperwork that confirms this decision, the college will be contacted by Instructure (Canvas) to arrange the training opportunities that they provide. Complete details regarding the implementation of Canvas can be obtained from the Canvas Implementation Guide. Faculty and staff at adopting colleges will also have access to support via the Canvas Support Hotline. In addition to support provided by the vendor, @ONE and OEI make the following resources available to adopting colleges.

  • Introduction to Teaching with Canvas (Facilitated by @ONE)

This 4-week course introduces faculty to using the Canvas course management system by Instructure. Course completion, including reading, online discussions, and assignments, will take approximately 10 hours per week for a total of 40 hours.

Complimentary registration (one per faculty member) is available to faculty at adopting CCCs. Please have an appropriate college representative contact us for information regarding the coupon code once your college has  completed the Institutional Participation Agreement process. @ONE is also hosting “Train-the-Trainer” sessions to prepare your local trainers to use the course to train your faculty. When scheduled, these sessions will be announced using all appropriate listservs and the contact information your college has provided to OEI.

  • Introduction to Teaching with Canvas (Self-Paced)

This is a self-paced version of the four week facilitated course.  Based on the original design, the course is presented in four modules (learning units) that contain all of the content for the topic. Participants can complete the modules and assignments in order or navigate through the course freely.

  • CCC Canvas and Canvas Faculty Support Calls

Weekly calls held via Zoom and hosted by @ONE trainers to answer faculty questions and provide support related to teaching with Canvas. Schedule and access information can be found in the Canvas Community and in the following document.

  • Support via Canvas Support Hotline

Canvas Phone Support will be available to your students and faculty at those times of day when your local support services are not available to address their Canvas needs. These options can be accessed through the Help menu in Canvas.