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STAR-CA Online Tutoring Consortium 

Agenda: STAR-CA pilot progress to date Demonstration of student navigating to STAR-CA Training + jam session updates (for *all* CCC tutors whether or not they’re put onto the STAR-CA schedule) CVC-OEI centrally-funded support services through 6/30 ACTLA update Open discussion and Q&A  

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Pisces Training: Leader Tools

Focus on the Pisces features that are of particular interest to leaders (e.g., tutor, instructor, adviser, coach). Look more closely at the live and drop-off modes available in the system, setting your availability for scheduled appointments, and the features available in the collaboration space.

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Introduction to Pisces

This webinar will feature a tour of our Pisces collaboration suite, including available modes and features within the collaboration space. The webinar will be followed by a general Q&A session, and participants are encouraged to bring any questions they might have.

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