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Capture Students’ Attention with Powerful Videos

Video can be a powerful medium for creating engagement and connection with your students. It can also backfire with the opposite effect when done poorly. (Hint: Just presenting content won’t do the trick.) Come learn 5 dynamic—and actually quite simple—tips for creating effective educational videos. For more

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5 Smart Strategies to Enhance Your Course Design

Most faculty are aware there’s a direct link between the design of your course and your students’ success. But have you ever thought about how your design methods can impact your success with the course as well? Using Canvas as our backdrop, this webinar will introduce five

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Making Your Course Content Accessible in Canvas

Making your course content and documents accessible isn’t just a good idea, it’s the law. Section 508 is a federal law that requires agencies (which includes schools) receiving federal funds to provide individuals with disabilities equal access to electronic information and data comparable to those who do

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