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Practicing Radical Love: Breaking Down Instructor-Student Hierarchies

Speaker: Fabiola Torres, Glendale Community College Fabiola will share examples of brief, imperfect, captioned videos that break down the instructor-student hierarchy and encourage students to lean in. We will also consider the important topic of managing your public digital identity when using instructional videos. You’ll see videos

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Humanizing Pre-Course Contact with a Liquid Syllabus

Speaker: Michelle Pacansky-Brock The weeks and days leading up to the start of a new term are filled with anxiety and nerves for many students. This term, your students will have even more questions about what to expect and how to get started. An equity-minded strategy to

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Taking Off Our Emotional Armor: Reflections From First-time Online Instructors

Speakers: Dayamudra Dennehy, City College of San Francisco, Gayathri Manikandan, Compton College, and Michelle Pacansky-Brock, CVC-OEI/@ONE Join us for a heart-to-heart conversation about teaching online for the first time. Dayamudra and Gayathri will share their successes and candidly reflect on how leaning into vulnerability resulted in professional

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