Online Student Equity Strategic Goals

The primary objective of the OEI is to assist students with moving successfully and efficiently toward the completion of their educational goals. The Student Equity Workgroup has established goals and a timeline to facilitate meeting the OEI objective, which include

  • Identify barriers that lead to online student achievement gaps.
  • Analyze data.
  • Implementation of Equity Success Strategies by colleges.
  • Identify and develop success strategies to close equity gaps.

Online Student Equity Ongoing Goals

The ongoing goals of the Student Equity Work Group include:

  • Analyze and disaggregate data to determine the types of students associated with achievement gaps.
  • Determine what their needs are and how best to serve them.
  • Finalize Equity Rubric to reflect and promote Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (CRTL) pedagogy, Cultural Humility pedagogy, other high-impact practices.
  • Embed equity into the course design rubric to support the development/implementation of an equity framework in online instruction, counseling, student services, programs/departments, and the online “campus” culture.
  • Develop an equity module for counseling.
  • Connect an online student withdrawal survey to capture why students drop online courses.
  • Develop an online Equity Marketing and Promotion Campaign.