Winter/Spring 2017 Courses

C-ID Local Course ID College
HIST 140 HIST 010 Butte College
AJ 110 AJ 02 Butte College
ANTH 120 ANTH 4 Butte College
PSYC 200 PSY 7 Butte College
ENGL 100 ENGL 100 Coastline Community College
HIST 130 HIST C170 Coastline Community College
PSY 200/205B PSYC C280 Coastline Community College
PHIL 100 Phil 100 Coastline Community College
GEOL 110 GEOL C105 Coastline Community College
PSYC 110 Psyc 110 Coastline Community College
SOCI 110 SOC 1 Foothill
GEOG 120 GEOG 2 Fresno City College
ENGL 100 ENGL 1A Fresno City College
SOCI 110 SOC 1A Fresno City College
MATH 110 MAT 201 Lake Tahoe Community College
HIST 130 HIST 111 Mount San Jacinto College
HIST 130 HIST 17A Shasta College
AJ110 AJ110 Shasta College
PSYC 110 Psyc 1A Shasta College
SOCI 110 SOC V01 Ventura College
ENGL 100 ENGL VO1A Ventura College

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