Peer Reviews

African American woman and man looking intently at laptop and discussingAt this time, the peer review process is only available to pilot colleges, however, any CCC online instructor may apply to become a peer reviewer after completing the required @ONE training.

All faculty in the pilot colleges who submit a course for peer review receive confidential feedback from California Community College faculty who have been trained specifically for this purpose. The review is based on both the Course Design Rubric and the @ONE Standards for Quality Online Teaching. As all courses to be offered in the OEI Exchange must be aligned to the rubric and taught in Canvas, all courses to be reviewed must already be within Canvas—even if they were aligned to the rubric upon initial review within another course management system.

Additionally, peer reviewer and instructional designers’ networks are among the resources that are currently under development.

Initial reviews has been very positive. Highlights include:

  • “The reviews inspired me to incorporate more audio/visuals and gave me a perspective of what it would be like for a student. Reviews that are at my local campus are usually by someone in one’s discipline. It is good to be reviewed by someone I did not know and who is from a different discipline—getting a different perspective.”
  • “I enjoyed being evaluated—the brutal honesty and the objective viewpoint. I have heard people say they want to go back to their colleges and recommend that they use the rubric at their colleges.”

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