Professional Development

With this initiative, the State of California has demonstrated that it is committed to the continued excellence of our faculty by providing the funding required to support ongoing professional development for online instruction. The CCC Online Education Initiative’s (OEI) ultimate goal is to improve the quality of the online educational experience across the colleges, with initial focus on ensuring excellence in course design and accessibility.

Our approach includes:

Online Training

Online Course Design Standards

The OEI Course Design Rubric and @ONE Standards for Effective Teaching Practices bring together the collective knowledge regarding best practices for online course delivery.

Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews

Pilot college instructors participating in the OEI pilot have the opportunity to get valuable feedback from their faculty peers. “It is good to be reviewed by someone who I did not know and who is from a different discipline – getting a different perspective.”


@ONE Courses

All faculty have access to self-paced and facilitated workshops to learn more about applying effective online teaching practices, using the Canvas course management system, designing accessible courses, and more.

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Accessibility Support

Resources are now available to assist participating faculty in ensuring that their online courses meet required standards for accessibility and universal design.