Moving Instruction and Student Services Online Preparation Checklist

Provide students access to critical student services, including financial aid and admissions.Provide virtual services using the Cranium Cafe (ConexEd) platform.
Provide students with counseling appointments.Convert in-person appointments to online using SARS or other scheduling system and then hold appointments using Cranium Cafe (ConexEd).
Provide students access to tutoring.Host online tutoring sessions using the Pisces online tutoring platform.
Communicate with faculty, staff, and students regarding emergency measures.Load profiles for all faculty, staff and students (not just DE) into Canvas and send messages via Canvas dashboard.
Provide student access to instructor office hours.Host online office hours using Zoom. Colleges should enable the Zoom LTI integration with Canvas to minimize confusion for students and faculty due to manual entry of zoom meeting rooms IDs.
Ensure students have access to key course information.Create Canvas shells for all courses and post critical information, including syllabus and contact information.
Ensure faculty moving courses online are adequately prepared. Download courses from CVC-OEI/@ONE and adapt for local use. Fourteen adoptable courses can be found in Canvas Commons, including Introduction to Online Teaching & Learning, Introduction to Course Design, and Introduction to Designing for Accessibility. Additionally, the Canvas Support Portal provides instructors can view text and video guides and interact with fellow online intructors. Some faculty may be able to use Canvas to post documents and receive assignments, but are more comfortable conducting classes in real-time via Zoom. Zoom can accommodate a typical number of students in a class and allow for interaction with the instructor and each other.