CCC Online Course Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

Students at the initial Online Education Initiative pilot colleges may now access the Course Exchange from their college course registration system. All pilot colleges anticipate that their students will have access to the Course Exchange starting in the Spring 2017 through Fall 2017 terms.  

CCC Online Course Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the CCC Course Exchange?

The Exchange allows students to take online classes offered by the OEI Exchange Consortium of participating California community colleges. Students who cannot get the courses they need at their Home college will be able to access equivalent courses at another California community college via a streamlined online registration process.

The CCC Exchange targets students who are eager to complete their degree and transfer requirements, but are limited because of “hard to get courses at their Home campus.” If you are a student needing only one or two remaining courses to complete your degree or transfer requirements and for whatever reason can’t complete it at your Home campus, the CCC Exchange may work for you.

What is the OEI and how is it connected to the Exchange?

Online Education Initiative (OEI) is the facilitator of the CCC Course Exchange. It is a state initiative, funded by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office that provides support to colleges’ Distance Education programs, and coordinates the support of online resources and services for students and colleges participating in the CCC Exchange.

What is the OEI Exchange Consortium?

The OEI Exchange Consortium is a group of California community colleges that are working together to offer a successful pathway for students needing to complete their degrees and transfer requirements online. All colleges in the Consortium are fully accredited California community colleges. Each Consortium member college has contractually agreed to participate in the OEI Course Exchange by offering sections of “in-demand” online courses so that students from member colleges may have more options.

What is a Home College and what is a Teaching College?

The Home College is where you, the student, are currently enrolled, intend to complete a degree or certificate program, and where you first completed the following matriculation steps: New Student Orientation, English/Math placement, an official education plan developed by a counselor. The Teaching College is any participating college offering courses taught by faculty from a college other than the Home College. Additionally the Home College will process all Financial Aid disbursements.

Can any student register for Exchange Courses?

At this time only students who are attending Consortium member colleges that have signed the OEI Exchange Consortium agreement have access to the Course Exchange. Additionally there is a very small category of students who are not eligible to participate in the Exchange even if they are attending member colleges. These categories include:

  • students with an International F1 Visa
  • students with an address outside of California
  • students who are incarcerated
  • students with Vacation or Visitor Visas (B Visas)
  • students under AB540 with out of state addresses
  • students with high school, dual enrollment.

This is because these programs and groups have their own programmatic limitations regarding taking online courses that are outside the scope of the Course Exchange.

How do I participate in the Exchange?

To participate in the Exchange you must first be enrolled at a participating Home College in the current semester (see the list of participating colleges at the top of this page). Once you gain access to the Exchange via your Home College registration portal, your pre-filled Open CCCApply admission application (which you completed when you first applied at your Home College) will be made available for your review. Once you verify that the information is accurate, you will be required to electronically submit it for admission to the Teaching College.

In order to use the Exchange, am I required to register for courses at my Home College?

Yes. As a student you must be registered for at least one class at your Home College in the current semester before you can access the Exchange.

How soon can I register for an Exchange course after submitting my pre-filled CCCApply application to the Teaching College?

The timeframe between submission of your application and confirmation that the Teaching College has accepted the application will vary. After receiving the submitted pre-filled admission application, the Teaching College will process the application, and then send information regarding your acceptance status. Once accepted, you can continue the Exchange course registration process.

If I take courses from a Teaching College through the Exchange will I still be considered a student at my Home College?

Yes, you will still be a student at your Home College. When you submit your pre-filled CCCApply admission application to a Teaching College via the Exchange, this means that you made the decision to enroll at a second college and complete a course offered by that college. This does not mean that you are no longer a student of your Home College; instead you are now a student of two California community colleges in the same semester. As such you are expected to abide by the policies and practices of both the Home and Teaching College where applicable.

What is an Exchange Course?

An Exchange course is an online class offered by a Teaching College that is made available to students who are enrolled at one of the other participating Exchange Consortium member colleges.

What courses are available through the Exchange?

Only fully online courses are available in the Exchange. At this time on ground or hybrid courses are not available. Once you access the Exchange you will be able to see a list of available courses and the colleges offering the courses.

What colleges are offering Exchange courses?

The list of participating California Community Colleges in the Exchange is at the top of this page. The college information is also available when you access the list of Exchange courses.

Will Exchange Courses count towards my degree?

All courses offered through the Exchange are fully articulated courses that are equivalent to courses offered by your Home College. Also, mutual acceptance of Exchange courses is part of the Agreement among Exchange Consortium member colleges. To know if the Exchange courses will count towards your degree at your Home College, prior to registering for a course in the Exchange, you are encouraged to meet with a counselor at your Home College to get help identifying the correct courses for your degree or transfer requirements.

Also, you should review your Student Education Plan to identify what courses are required for degree completion at the Home College. Once you identify what courses you need, use the Exchange to find the equivalent course offered by the Teaching College. If the course is offered and you successfully complete it, you can then have your transcripts sent to the Home College in order to receive completion credit.

How will I know which courses are open when I am ready to use the Exchange?

Access to Exchange courses is available via the registration portal at your Home College. Once you are able to access the Exchange link, there will be a list of open courses and the respective Teaching colleges offering the courses.

I maxed out my attempts at completing a particular course at my Home College, and still did not complete it. Can I retake the course through the Exchange?

Yes, but only if the course/s is being offered by a Teaching College. Once a student becomes a student of the Teaching College he/she would have not yet taken the course at that particular Teaching College therefore repeatability is not an issue. As is the practice, and in the absence of a Course Exchange, community college students in California are allowed to register at a different community college or district to complete a course that is no longer available to them at their Home College.

Will I be required to complete my New Student Orientation and English and math assessment before I register for a course in the Exchange?

Yes. One of the ways the Home College is defined, is by completion of the matriculation steps, therefore any student interested in taking a class through the Exchange will be required to complete the Home College’s matriculation steps of New Student Orientation, Math and English Assessments, and completion of a Student Education Plan. Once completed, this information will be shared with the Teaching College and you will not have to retake any of the steps at the Teaching College. If you were exempt from any of the steps at your Home College, that information will also be shared with the Teaching College. Not completing your matriculation steps will lower your priority registration date at your Home College.

If I have priority registration at my Home College will I also get priority registration at the Teaching College?

To register for a Teaching Course Exchange course, students will use the same priority registration date assigned to them by their Home College. This is in compliance with Section 58108 of Title 5 California Code of Regulations enrollment priority guidelines for establishing student registration priority. E.g. if you are priority Level One at your Home College you will be able to register with priority Level One students at the Teaching College.

It is important to note that because colleges may have different registration start dates, a registration date for priority Level One, may be later at the Teaching College than it is at the Home College. As a result, students will only be able to register for a Teaching College Exchange course when their Home College assigned registration date is available and not before.

Will my Financial Aid cover my Exchange course?

Colleges participating in the Exchange Consortium have agreed to a Federal Financial Aid consortium agreement. Under agreement the Home College will be responsibility for the distribution of Financial Aid awards for Exchange students. If you are eligible for federal Financial Aid at your Home College, you may be able to have your Teaching College units and Home College units combined counted towards your maximum financial aid award. To get further details, contact your Home College Financial Aid office and ask about the OEI Exchange Federal Financial Aid consortium agreement.

Will my BOG waiver cover my Exchange course tuition?

Exchange students will be required to complete separate BOG waiver applications, one for the Home College and another for the Teaching College offering the Exchange course. If you meet eligibility requirements at each school, then you will receive a BOG waiver for the Exchange courses.

I don’t have Financial Aid or a BOG waiver, what is the process for paying for my Exchange courses offered by the Teaching College?

After completing the registration process for your Exchange courses, you will be directed on screen to the Teaching College’s payment system so that you can pay for your Exchange course. Please note that this will be a different system than your Home College system since you will be paying your tuition for the Teaching College course directly to the Teaching College.

How do I get my transcripts after completing my Exchange course?

In order to get a transcript of the courses completed at the Teaching College, you will be required to request a copy of your transcripts sent to the Home College using the Teaching college transcript request process. Once the Home College receives the transcripts, under the Consortium agreement, the student will receive completion credit for the Exchange course/s.

What about grade changes? Who do I contact if I want to request a grade change for an Exchange course?

Since the course was offered by the Teaching College, any grade change issue would be subject to the grade change policy of the Teaching College. A student needing a grade change would need to contact the Teaching College, not the Home College.

Are Student Support Services at the Teaching College available to me?

Yes. If you submitted a pre-filled CCCApply admission application and it is accepted at the Teaching College, you then become an enrolled student of the Teaching College, and thereby entitled to access all services that are available to students attending that college. Consortium member colleges participating in the Exchange have agreed to provide Exchange students with quality online student support services in the form online counseling, tutoring, test proctoring, online student readiness and more.

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