Instructional Designers: Keep Supporting Faculty

Promote and Offer Training

Advertise Centralized Training

You don’t need to do everything yourself! Provide your faculty with links to training calendars and libraries of recorded training webinars.

Conduct Online Training Locally

You don’t need to start from scratch! Search Canvas Commons for relevant course shells to use for local training.

Ensure Privacy in Zoom Sessions

  • Zoom-Bombing: A “Zoom-bomber” is an uninvited attendee who shows up in your meeting with the intention of disrupting or derailing the meeting. Please read through these “Six tips to Deter Zoom-bombers” during your synchronous Zoom sessions.
  • Zoom and FERPA Guidelines: This article provides guidance as you select the settings for recording your instructional TechConnect (Confer) Zoom sessions and FAQs related to FERPA guidelines.

Provide Instructional Support

Hold “Open Lab” Sessions with Zoom

Support faculty by hosting open lab Zoom sessions where faculty can unmute themselves to ask questions as they work on switching to an online course format. For inspiration, visit Foothill College’s virtual office hours webpage

Answer Questions About How to Shift Difficult Topics to Online Learning

Answer Questions About Selecting Technology That Aligns with Pedagogical Needs

  • Post local campus licenses (recommend listing by core function, followed by tech tool name).
  • The CVC-OEI has a list of centrally-funded support tools that your college can take advantage of.

Help Faculty and Students Address Equity and Accessibility Issues

Help Faculty Check Remote Courses for Accessibility

Help Faculty Find Accessible Open Educational Resources

Promote Universal Design for Learning Practices

  • Encourage faculty to provide materials in more than one format, if possible (e.g., lecture screencast, lecture slides with notes).
  • Encourage faculty to allow students to show what they know in more than one way.

Propose Solutions to Increase Internet Access

(within the boundaries of the statewide shelter-in-place order)

Communicate with Faculty and Students

Get Started

Join a Community of Colleagues to Ask/Answer Questions

  • If you are an official CCC Distance Education Coordinator, join and/or use the CCC DECO communication channel. For membership inquiries please contact the DECO team at
  • Join the free community space, Keep Teaching: Resources for Higher Ed, by K-State Global Campus.
  • Join the listserv for the Educause Instructional Design Community Group. This listserv has been responsive and innovative in addressing challenges related to the switch to remote teaching and learning.