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Instructors in the community college system’s most successful online courses, identified through our data analysis, agreed on the importance of training, mentoring, and continuing faculty development in the online medium. -PPIC Report

Well-designed online courses and programs are critical to student success. In the California Community Colleges, resources are not always available to support the development of quality courses and to facilitate the establishment of a distance education program that effectively meets student needs, conforms to existing laws and regulations, and complies with accreditation standards. The OEI is committed to developing resources to meet these needs.

The Online Education Initiative provides the opportunity for faculty to not only share effective practices across the state, but to also gain access to additional resources such as:

Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional Development that helps faculty increase their online course quality based on the OEI Course Design Rubric.

Canvas CCMS

Canvas Resources for Faculty

Resources to assist in your exploration of Canvas, an overview of the support available to you, and resources to facilitate your move.

Policies and Effective Practices

Policies and Effective Practices

Resources to facilitate local establishment of policies and practices to address common issues related to establishing quality online programs.

Underprepared Student Resources

Underprepared Student Resources

Resources for underprepared students that faculty can provide to their students from within their online courses.

stack of textbooks

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources (OER) repositories, policy, guidance, research, and more.

Social Media

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