Expanded Help for Canvas Tier 1 Support

The CVC-OEI is offering expanded help for Tier 1 Support with Canvas for all California Community Colleges (CCC). Each CCC has a dedicated phone number that your students and faculty can use to call Instructure Support during the evenings and weekends. All of the necessary changes in the Canvas system have already been made by Instructure to allow those numbers to now access Support 24/7.

Each college is encouraged to update the available help hours to reflect the 24/7 availability. To do so, click below the Help icon located in the left-side navigation menu in your college’s instance of Canvas.

Canvas Help Icon Location

Each college’s LMS administrator should be able to update the availability hours on the Help menu in Canvas. If the helpline number is posted on your college IT webpage, the 24/7 availability should be updated there as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can be of additional assistance by emailing support@cvc.edu.