CVC-OEI Student Experience

Setting expectations and preparing students to make the best possible use of online learning technology is an important best practice. -Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) Report, 2015

The CVC-OEI strives to develop innovative online resources to support existing distance education programs at the California Community Colleges (CCC). With student equity at the forefront of all efforts, the CVC-OEI Student Experience team promotes a holistic approach for the online learning environment. It is important to remember that student support goes beyond instruction, it requires creating a space where students feel connected, supported and understood. This website is meant to provide resources and opportunities to build strategic plans that the CCC can implement at the local level.

Online Student Support Resources

Does your college offer online students the necessary tools to be successful in the online learning environment?

The CVC-OEI provides a list of vetted online resources that can help CCC distance education programs support students and at the same time meet accreditation standards.

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Online Readiness

OEI Online Learner Readiness to assist students in developing the skills required to be successful online learners.

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Online Counseling

Counseling resources to assist CCCs in providing high quality counseling services in an online environment.

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Online Library Resources

Library resources to assist CCCs in providing high quality library services in an online environment.

Student Bank

Student experience is extremely important to the CVC-OEI. We want to ensure students have an opportunity to be part of the process. Our new Student Bank will allow students to participate in student focus groups and guided discussions about CVC-OEI related products and online services before they are launched.

Do you know students who would be interested in becoming part of the Student Bank?