CVC-OEI providing no-cost access to Canvas Studio for California Community Colleges

Over the past five years, the CVC-OEI and Instructure have worked closely together to provide California Community College (CCC) students access to a modern, responsive learning platform. This partnership has resulted in exceptional value with adoption at 114 colleges, and significant cost-savings to the California taxpayers.  Beginning July 1, all CCCs will now have two years of no-cost access to the Canvas Studio integrated video management platform. Canvas Studio supports rich communication and collaboration, supports interactivity between students and instructors, and provides a fully integrated video experience, complete with artificial-intelligence generated captions (and the ability to easily edit for accuracy).  This is another way CVC-OEI is supporting colleges that have transitioned online in response to COVID-19.

Canvas Studio allows students and instructors to upload, create, edit, manage, share and discuss audio and video files.  Media files can be embedded in any course content, including modules, assignments, pages, quiz questions, announcements, and other course items.  Other key features include:

  • Faculty and students can create and manage a library of videos for use in Canvas
  • Faculty can create discussion activities that are based on video; discussion comments are tied to specific points in the video
  • Faculty have access to data regarding student viewing of video
  • Faculty can add quiz questions into videos; students respond while watching the video; results can go directly into the gradebook
  • Students can submit video assignments; faculty can provide feedback directly on specific moments in the video
  • Videos can be automatically captioned and captions can be easily edited

Canvas Administrators and DE Coordinators

Implementation and training will be completed using a train-the-trainer model consisting of four cohorts.  Each cohort will consist of no more than 25 colleges, with up to four trainers  or power users per college.  Once a college signs its Institution Participation Agreement (IPA) and implementation is complete, each college will receive access to OnDemand Canvas Studio training for one year.  Please note that any college that already has implemented Canvas Studio will only be required to sign its IPA and does not need to participate in the implementation process again.

Additional information as to the dates of the cohort training sessions and the procedure for implementing Canvas Studio upon completion of the IPA will be shared with each college’s Canvas Administrator(s).

At the conclusion of the two-year agreement, colleges have the option to renew their Studio license at a pre-negotiated rate of $1.30 per FTES.Please contact to indicate interest in joining a cohort or with any additional questions.