This webpage offers online resources for disciplines and career paths related to Allied Health, Nursing; Licensed Vocational Nursing, Registered Nursing, Dental Technician/Technology; Radiological/RadiationTechnology-Technician; Ultrasound Technology-Technician; Dietary Science-Dietician; Gerontology; Human Services, Mental Health Counseling; Bioscience Imaging and Processing; Health Care Management; Health Information Technology; Healthcare Navigation; Health Information Technology; Medical Assisting; Medical Coding; Medical Professions Preparation; Nutrition and Food; Occupational Safety and Health; Fitness and Sports Management; Sports Medicine; Physical Therapy; Occupational Therapy; Sports Therapy; Rehabilitation/Rehabilitative Therapy

60 Seconds to Survival Disaster Triage

Free online “game” that allows users to experience and address actual triage situations

ATI Nursing Online

Real-life nursing simulations

CCC Health Workforce Initiative

online resources and support for health care education

Elsevier Evolve-Online

Health sciences curriculum & training for faculty & students


Online Tools and curriculum for EMT and Paramedic Certification


Free Online Social Learning (Interactive sharing) platform for educators

go EHR and learning platform

patient cases and activties for various health careers

Health and Science Pipeline Initiative (HASPI)

Prep curriculum for health care careers

Health care simulation scenarios and tools

from the California Simulation Alliance

Health Science and Medical Technology

Online resources from the San Diego County Office of Education:

Health Sciences curriculum

from iCEV Health Sciences

Health Sciences online resources

from Texas Education Agency

Health Workforce Initiative

Fosters communication and collaboration between the health care industry and education systems.

i-Human Patients from Kaplan

online repeatable, fully-graded clinical patient encounters


CE curriculum and instructional materials for seven major subject areas, including the Fundamentals of Health Science.


Online learning resources for nursing

Kettering National Seminars

platform allows students to move through various scenarios and make treatment decisions.


A realistic lab experience for students to perform experiments and practice skills.

Laerdal vSIM

Virtual simulations for nursing

Lippincott vSIM-Nursing

Nursing simulations for classroom & lab


Educators can arrange for a virtual chat with industry professionals or have them be a guest lecturer in one or more classes.

Pearson MyLab-Nursing

Online course development and curriclum for Nursing

Shadow Health

Digital clinical experiences for a variety of health care programs

Swift River Virtual Clinicals

Virtual hospital for nursing

Today’s Class Health Science

Medical math and taking vital signs to personal and professional development

Virtual Dementia Free Tour

by Caravita Home Care

Visible Body

Suite of apps that make learning and teaching anatomy and physiology visual and engaging.

Zero Hour America’s Medic

Immersive game to train first responders


Applications engage students in learning experiences related to curriculum