Global Trade

Global Trade

This webpage offers online resources for disciplines and career paths related to International Business, Global Trade, International Commerce, Global Marketing, Importing & Exporting, Global Supply Chain Management, Global Logistics Management, and Intercultural Business Communication.

CCW Report

Opportunities in Global Commerce > Labor market data and career pathways videos on middle skill jobs at LA Basin air and sea ports


Export Assistance Training Resources

International Business Education Alliance Educator Resources

Post and find materials that enhance international business education

Global Trade Workforce Sector Website

Online resources for faculty and students, including opportunities for distance learning and student internships

NASBITE International

Resources from National Association of Small Business International Trade Educators


Digital badges and resources related to Global Trade Competencies for K-12 and Community College Students.

Trade Passport – Trade Training Webinars

NASBITE (National Association of Small Business International Trade Education) Video Training Series