Agriculture, Water & Environmental Technology

This webpage offers online resources for disciplines and career paths related to Bovine, Equine, Swine and Poultry sciences; veterinary science; veterinarian technician/technology; agriculture; horticulture; animal sciences; Botany; Plant sciences; Agricultural technology; Agricultural/Agriculture management; Irrigation management; Commercial irrigation systems; Corporate agriculture operations; Agriculture machinery; Agriculture safety; Hydroponics; Agricultural Literacy; Livestock science; Environmental technology; Environmental sciences; Natural resources; Forestry; Agricultural education.

Ag Careers Website

Visit their job board and learn about their human resources tools, workshops and training.


Online lesson plans, videos, simulations and resources for agriculture and environmental science

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Digital resources from the San Diego Office of Education

Animal Health Courses from Coursera

FREE Online Equine, Poultry, Livestock & Animal Science career courses

CA Ag Careers: Agriculture Teacher

One of a series of career awareness videos created by the California Community College Ag, Water, Enviro Tech Sector.

CA Ag Careers

Pest Control Advisor, Certified Crop Advisor – Career video developed by the California Community College Agriculture, Water, Enviro Tech Sector.

CA CC Agriculture, Water, Enviro Tech

This video can be used as a classroom tool in an irrigation or soils class.

California Special Populations Collaborative

Designed to assist faculty and staff in guiding special population students to develop academic, technical, and workplace skills.


Online OSHA courses and certification

iCEV Agricultural Science

Sample curriculum and certifications


Agriculture: Online Educational Resources for Agriculture:


Online Curriculum for Agriculture and Environmental Pathways

National Agriculture in the Classroom

Online Agriculture Education Resources (Up to Advanced)

National Agriculture Literacy Outcomes Online Booklet

PDF from Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation

OER Commons-Agriculture

Online Educational Resources for Agriculture

OER for Water Management

Online educational resources from OER Commons


Online lesson plans and resources for agriculture

Open Google Sheets

Minnesota Team Ag Ed syllabi, quizzes, lesson plans for agriculture

Pathway to PCA

Learn about a career as a licensed pest control adviser.

Pre-Vet Student Resources

Online career screening for prospective vet science students from AAVMC


Purdue University onine Powerpoints for agriculture


Resources for Bovine & Swine skills, Animal models, Hydroponics and Plant Science

Soil Moisture Final

Teaching aid for a soils or irrigation class.

STEM Equity Pipeline

promotes gender equity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education through webinars, webcasts and online courses.

Univ. of Florida AgEd Online Resources

Online Agriculture Education Resources (Fundamental to Advanced)

Veterinary Science Majors Guide

Career pathways for Vet Sciences from WorldWideLearn


Online virtual field trips for agriculture


Various online tools for agriculture (broad categories)