Web Guide for Exchange Counselors

Web Guide for Exchange Counselors:

The purpose of the CCC Online Course Exchange is to provide access for students to classes that may not be available when they need them at their home (primary) college.  Because the goal of this additional access is to help students complete their educational goals in a timely manner, it is not expected to have students access all of their courses via the Exchange.  Instead, students access the Exchange after they have successfully registered for their classes within their home college registration system.Classes currently live in the Exchange are

A list of classes currently live in the Exchange are available here .

Counselors may use the information provided on this page to help students make an informed choice about whether or not registering for an Exchange course would make sense for that particular student. Counselors are also encouraged to direct students who may already be on local waitlists to seek an Exchange class solution.

It would be helpful for the counselors to provide students with information on how the Exchange Financial Aid agreement and DSPS Exchange work processes function before a student commits to registering for an Exchange course.

Financial Aid: Students who are eligible for financial aid benefits may be able to combine their units from Teaching College and Home College when determining their maximum financial aid award. The Home College is responsible for the determination and disbursement of financial aid funds for Exchange students, and may be able to provide federal financial aid funds based on:

  • total combined units from both colleges
  • student eligibility criteria for the relevant term within the Course Exchange.

DSPS:  If a student is identified as a DSPS client at the home college, the student should be prepared to notify the home college DSPS office that they are taking an Exchange course.  The local DSPS office will communicate any online accommodation needed by contacting the remote college DSPS office.  Any on-campus accommodation that is needed will be accomplished by the home college.  Again, it is the student’s responsibility to contact their home DSPS office to make arrangements for accommodation

When students reach the confirmation screen in the home college registration system, which lets them know they have registered for at least one home college class, they will see the button below.  If they want to add additional classes, they can click on the link. Only the student can get through to the Exchange link but counselors may want to coach students through the process.  (The button below is just an image to mimic what the student will see and will not take you to the registration system.)

Picture of a keyboard that is the link image within the Exchange

To assist counselors as they guide students to the CCC Online Course Exchange, we have provided some resources to help. 

  • DEMONSTRATION OF EXCHANGE INTERFACE: It might be a good idea, as a counselor, to familiarize yourself with the interface the student will see when they access the Exchange.  We have recorded a demonstration of the student interface that was created to assist Exchange college personnel. You may view the demonstration here.

  • CCC ONLINE COURSE EXCHANGE AD: There is also an  “Ad” that may be shared with the students as they are discussing the Exchange option with students. Counselors may choose to print out the ad as an Acrobat (.pdf) file or to link to the ad page via the web to share this with the students.
    [CCC Online Course Exchange Ad (PDF) | CCC Online Course Exchange Ad (HTML)]
  • CCC ONLINE COURSE EXCHANGE FAQ: To describe the Exchange, its purpose and its limits, counselors may choose to access the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) via the web, or choose to print them out as an Acrobat (.pdf) file for quick reference.
    [CCC Online Course Exchange FAQ (PDF) | CCC Online Course Exchange FAQ (HTML)]
  • READINESS FOR ONLINE LEARNING: If a counselor is unsure of the student’s ability to be successful in an online class, they are encouraged to have the student go through the Student Readiness Modules to aid in preparing the student for a successful experience.
    [Student Readiness modules list: http://apps.3cmediasolutions.org/oei/students.html]
  • TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS: For the first phase of the pilot, it is likely that students will have to request a transcript from the teaching college be sent back over to the home college. Students will have access from within their Exchange course, to a set of web access points to start the transcript process at the teaching college.
    Note:  The Tech Center developers are working on making this an automated process. We will notify your colleges of any changes.