Continuity of Instruction and Student Services

If a college campus needs to close completely, restrict access to students and/or staff, or accommodate students or staff who are quarantined, the following resources can help ensure continuity of quality operations in the instructional and student services areas:


  1. Ensure that all faculty have access to Canvas and Zoom regardless of location.
  2. Create Canvas shells for all courses. Every college has the ability to create shells for all courses, whether face-to-face or online. Contact your local Learning Management System (LMS) administrator for support.
  3. Post documents, notices, videos in Canvas, and use features for student interaction and work submission. The CVC-OEI has a checklist of best practices.
  4. Integrate Zoom, Office 365 and/or Google into Canvas. These tools support online office hours, class meetings and document sharing.
  5. Notify students that classes may move online or make use of online tools, and direct them to online learning modules at
  6. Contact the CVC-OEI at for assistance in using instructional tools, moving instruction online temporarily, or providing faculty support.
  7. Prepare for increased requests for technical assistance:
    1. Establish a local help desk.
    2. Familiarize staff with Instructure help aides, including Canvas Guides and Canvas Community, which can be found by clicking the Help? button located in the Canvas global navigation bar.
    3. Create a series of standard help aides to answer the most common questions (e.g. How do I reset my password?)
    4. Additionally, the CVC-OEI’s statewide Canvas license includes after-hours support. Contact your local LMS administrator for more information.


  1. Wellness Central is a free online health and wellness resource, however, it does not provide direct health services. Resources include stress relief and cold + flu modules.
  2. If some students choose not to attend counseling sessions and other face-to-face appointments, provide alternatives via ConexED.
  3. Tutoring can be moved online using the Pisces platform. Tutors can access training here.
  4. Contact the CVC-OEI at for assistance in continuing student services online temporarily.


Other ideas and resources shared by colleges can be found here.