Mt. San Antonio College – Social Justice, AA-T

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Required Core – Complete ALL of the following courses:

SOC 110 – Introduction to Social Justice*

or SOC 20 – Introduction to Race and Ethnicity*

or SOC 20H – Introduction to Race and Ethnicity, Honors*

SOC 40 – Introduction to Sex and Gender Roles*

or SOC 40H – Introduction to Sex and Gender Roles, Honors

OR SOC 130 – Introduction to LGBTQ Studies*

Choose one course from the following or any course not already selected from the core courses (3-4 units):

AHIS 11 – History of African, Oceanic, and Native American Art*

or AHISH 11H– History of African, Oceanic, and Native American Art, Honors*

HIST 30 – History of the African American 1619-1877*

HIST 31 – History of the African American

HIST 35 – History of Africa*

LIT 20 – African American Literature

LIT 25 – Contemporary Mexican American Literature*

PHIL 8 – Critical Thinking*

POLI 25 – Latino Politics in the United States*

PSYC 25 – The Psychology of Women*

SOC 36 – Asian American Communities*

SPAN 1 – Elementary Spanish*

SPAN 2 – Continuing Elementary Spanish*

SPAN 3 – Intermediate Spanish*

SPAN 4 – Continuing Intermediate Spanish

SPAN 1S – Spanish for the Spanish Speaking*

SPAN 2S – Continuing Spanish for the Spanish Speaking*

List A – Select three courses from at least two of the following areas. Only one course from Area 4 may be used for List A (9-11 units)

Area 1: History or Government:

HIST 7 – History of the United States to 1877*

or HIST 7H – History of the United States to 1877, Honors*

HIST 8 – History of the United States from 1865*

or HIST 8 – History of the United States from 1865, Honors

HIST 10 – History of Premodern Asia*

HIST 11 – History of Modern Asia

HIST 19 – History of Mexico*

HIST 36 – Women in American History*

HIST 40 – History of the Mexican American*

HIST 44 – History of Native Americans*

POLI 2 – Comparative Politics*

POLI 9 – International Relations*

Area 2: Arts and Humanities:

AHIS 9 – History of Asian Art and Architecture*

AHIS 12 – History of Precolumbian Art and Architecture*

or AHIS 12H – History of Precolumbian Art and Architecture, Honors

LIT 3 – Multicultural American Literature*

LIT 11B – World Literature from 1650

LIT 15 -Introduction to Cinema*

MUS 14A – World Music*

NF 28 – Cultural and Ethnic Foods*

PHIL 5 – Introduction to Philosophy*

or PHIL 5H – Introduction to Philosophy, Honors*

PHIL 15 – Major World Religions*

or PHIL 15H – Major World Religions, Honors*

SIGN 101 – American Sign Language 1*

or SIGN 101H – American Sign Language 1, Honors

THTR 10 – History of Theater Arts*

Area 3: Social Science:

ANTH 5 – Cultural Anthropology*

or ANTH 5H – Cultural Anthropology, Honors*

FASH 14 – Dress, Culture, and Identity*

JOUR 107 – Race, Culture, Gender, and Mass Media Images

PSYC 15 – Introduction to Child Psychology*

SOC 1 – Introduction to Sociology*

or SOC 1H – Introduction to Sociology, Honors*

SOC 2 – Contemporary Social Problems*

or SOC 2H – Contemporary Social Problems, Honors*

SOC 5 – Introduction to Criminology*

or SOC 5H – Introduction to Criminology, Honors

SOC 14 – Marriage and the Family *

or SOC 14H – Marriage and the Family, Honors*

SOC 15 – Child Development*

SPCH 7 – Intercultural Communication*

or SPCH 7H – Intercultural Communication, Honors

Area 4: Quantitative Reasoning and Research Methods:

MATH 110 – Elementary Statistics*

or MATH 110H – Elementary Statistics, Honors*

PSYC 3 – Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology*

or PSYC 3H – Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology, Honors*

PSYC 10 – Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences*

SOC 12 – Introduction to Research Methods in the Social Sciences

SOC 23 – Introduction to Statistics in Sociology and Social Sciences*

*The courses noted with an asterisk were offered online at least once at this college during Winter/Spring 2020, Summer 2020, and Fall 2020 academic terms.

In addition to the courses listed above, complete one of the following general education patterns:

  • Option 2 – CSU General Education Breadth
  • Option 3 – IGETC – Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum

Important Note: Some of the courses listed above may require the completion of prerequisites and/or they may also satisfy general education requirements. We encourage all students to meet with a counselor, onsite or online, to create an education plan that will provide the most efficient pathway to degree completion.

The courses listed above, along with Option 2 and Option 3 may or may not be offered online every term at this college. Visit the college’s website (below) for online options in its class schedule.  If you don’t find what you need, search our online course finder to locate an equivalent online course currently available from a partner college.

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