Accessibility Plan

The following document describes the commitment of the Online Education Initiative to support accessibility for individuals with disabilities. This plan and any supporting documentation shall be publicly available on the OEI project website:

OEI Accessibility Standards

The OEI will maintain a level of accessibility in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, and mandates from CCC system policy.

OEI Accessibility Goals/Objectives

In order to provide the required level of accessibility, the OEI will ensure:

Procurement processes for all electronic technology and electronic information resources include effective accessibility requirements to ensure compliance with the required standard.

Accessibility audits of instructional technology and electronic information used by the OEI and when recommended by the OEI for the CCCs, will be required of vendors after major updates and/or version changes.

Courses listed in the Course Exchange will be reviewed for alignment to accessibility standards for content and external integrations. The Teaching College assumes responsibility to ensure that content and external integrations continue to adhere to the accessibility standards of the CCCs.  Modifications to course content or integrated technologies by the course instructor or Teaching College subsequent to being designated “Exchange Ready” continue to be subject to the accessibility policies of the Teaching College.

Professional Development activities and resources will include accessibility as a fundamental foundation skill and emphasize accessibility as a top-level concern and requirement to ensure that OEI staff are able to provide accessible digital communications to the public.

Official Communication created and released directly by the OEI will meet the required accessibility standards. Information about how to contact the OEI regarding accessibility issues and complaints will be publicly maintained on the OEI website.

Third-party content from publishers and the World Wide Web that are hosted in the LMS course shell in OEI Course Exchange courses will be reviewed for alignment to accessibility standards. Whenever possible, collaborative arrangements with the publishers shall be established in order to address critical concerns and workflow issues that affect accessibility in their materials. The OEI will not designate a course “Exchange Ready” unless accessibility issues have been readily addressed. Therefore, faculty decisions to adopt inaccessible third-party content or that link to outside sites after being designated “Exchange Ready” are subject to the accessibility policies of the Teaching College.

Equity issues, specifically enhancing usability and access to instructional content for disabled student populations will be examined and addressed to increase the success of these students.

Provide facilitation for a CCC online community to exchange ideas, news, and effective practices between accessibility specialists, online educators, and subject matter experts in dealing with disabilities and accessibility in the online learning context.

The OEI will respond to accommodations requests and complaints related to OEI information, the OEI website and OEI services within 48 business hours.