OEI Advisory Committee

Executive Director Pat James leads first steering committee meetingFormed in April 2014, the OEI Advisory Committee is a Chancellor’s Office advisory committee body to the OEI management team, that provides guidance and recommendations on OEI policies and procedures to the OEI management team. Members of this committee are appointed by constituent organizations that represent faculty, staff, administrators and students at the statewide level and also includes ex-officio participants from the Chancellor’s Office, CCC Technology Center and the OEI Management Team. represent the diversity of colleges constituencies and functions within the California Community Colleges.

The OEI Advisory Committee provides the valuable perspective of representative stakeholders toward the development of the OEI. By authorizing the formation of work groups, the OEI Advisory Committee gathers information and develops recommendations in designated issues and topics. For example, the Advisory Committee initiated a Professional Development Work Group to create the OEI Course Design Rubric that brings together the collective knowledge regarding best practices for online course delivery.

The OEI Advisory Committee may also authorize the formation of joint work groups that involve both policy and operational topics. For example, the CCMS Committee was initiated with the OEI management team for the process of selecting Instructure’s Canvas and the Common Course Management System.

As of July, 2017 the OEI Steering Committee was renamed as the OEI Advisory Committee. As such, documents and materials prior to July, 2017 may reflect the Advisory Committee’s previous name. 

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